Pandit Nayan GhoshVikas is  a disciple of Virtuoso Pandit Nayan Ghosh of Mumbai. Pandit Nayan Ghosh is acclaimed in India and around the world as one of India‚Äôs foremost musicians  and is the only maestro with superlative command on two diverse instruments the Sitar and the Tabla.

Vikas started learning vocal music at the age of seven under the guidance of  Shri Sadiq Ali Ji. A medical complication forced Vikas to stop singing, his first love and instead take up sitar.

His vocal performance of raga Tori was relayed by All India Radio, Kota, when he was eight.  The same year some nodules were found on his vocal chords. Even after two surgeries vikas could not recover his original voice and decided to continue learning music on Sitar.

Madam Sudha Agarwal accepted Vikas and gave a new light to his life. She taught him for three and half years and asked him seek better training.
Pandit R. K. Bose
Pt. Ram Krishna Bose taught him for next two years, who runs a Gurukul at Udaipur.

Later on, he took rigourous technical training of sitar from Shri Devendra Mishra, a disciple of Late Pt. Nikhil Benerjee.                                           

Besides pursuing his Ph.D. and teaching at Govt College Kota, Vikas still continues to learn from Pandit Nayan Ghosh.

Vikas is very fortunate as he is loved & blessed by all his gurus and always treated as a son.